The Big Reset

25 is gonna be good.
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Today is the day.

I'm 25.

"Oh, Hi Mr. Twenty-Five. How are you?"

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Seriously though. To tell you the truth, it has been a wild ride. I've grown up alongside incredible innovations and technological marvels. I grew up with so many incredible influences, my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. I've been blessed. And I'm excited to take my next steps with all of you, and any new people that come along for the journey.

These next few years I'm planning on getting even more connected here online. I'm going all-in online.

My YouTube channel?
It's gonna be a happnin' place.

I've been obsessed with time for a while now, I remember at 21-22 I even made a calendar of my life that looked something like this:
At that moment, assuming I was going to live for 80 years, I was about 1/4th of my way through life. Today, assuming I live to 100, I'm 1/4th of the way through life.

Lord-willing, I'll live closer to 100, but assuming I have no crazy surprises sometime in my life, I'll probably land somewhere in between 80-100. The future is certainly unknown.

I don't pay as much attention to that anymore, but it's a fun thought exercise that helps me put life into perspective.


Of course life isn't all about me, which is especially important to remember as I continue to build my personal brand. Selfishness isn't something I'm trying to be consumed by, or trying to promote.

It's a regular battle, to keep from being prideful or selfish, but I believe it's all the more important to continue. As a matter of fact, I had some friends mention to me the other day that I was being a bit proud (in a few more words), and I really had to take a minute to check myself.

So, keeping in the spirit of focusing more on others, I'm taking more steps to promote other people through this journey.

Here are just a few things that I'd like to share with you:


I'm launching a new page on my site called credits, which will quite literally credit people who have provided their work, their time, or have inspired me and my work. It's a work in progress, but I'm looking forward to promoting people that have encouraged or inspired me throughout my journey.

I'm also putting together an online store where I'll be offering products that I've worked hard on, and have sometimes worked on with others.

Getting Married!

I'm getting married on November 9th to the ever-wonderful Taylor Jillian Wing (soon to be Horrocks).
Yeah, I know. She's out of my league ;)

I'm eager to start my life with her, and I'm sure you'll be learning more about her very soon. She's a very talented and kind individual.

Starting a Podcast

I'm started a Podcast: The Jarren Horrocks Show, which will be focused on technology, philosophy, art, music, relationships and more.

Some episodes will include conversations and interviews, while others may be focused on a specific project that I'm focusing on. It's a place to have longer-form conversations.

At the end of each episode I'll be including a Q&A section, which will be populated by questions that people ask in a private patron section on my Discord server. If you'd like to join the server, visit the Patron page of my site.

I'll have an intro episode out this August, and the first episode with popular gaming YouTube personality VintageBeef in September.

I'm really excited about this, because detailed conversations are one of the things I enjoy most. I have plenty of experience talking (haha), and I know some incredible people that I think we can all learn something from.

New Music:

I have changed my official artist name from "Jarren" to "jrrn"

The difference is minimal, but I believe it will allow me to better separate my music work from my personal work, as well as remove any confusion from the other "Jarren"s that are out in the world.

I've moved my most recent songs to jrrn, so if you're interesting in listening to Runway, or Holding on to You, you'll be able to find those songs under my new name!
music as jrrn

Launching a Discord Server

I want to provide a fun space to share more links, have more conversations, and build more relationships. Discord is a great way to do that. As group messaging app, I've made room for people to have all sorts of conversations and share stuff with each other.

I've created a public server that we can use to talk about topics we enjoy. I'm reasonably active in communities, so I'm looking forward to sharing links and talking to all of you!
Jarren & Friends Discord Server
I have more surprises coming soon, but until then, be sure to follow along on my TwitterYouTube for more, and be sure to subscribe to my weekly letters. That's where the real sneak peeks happen.

I've been showing my readers some of these surprises for months.

That's all for now,

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