A hub for people to unite together to solve problems worldwide.

People want a sense of ownership and responsibility over solving global problems, but feel helpless because they're not sure how to get involved or what they're able to do in their small corner of the world. How can one individual truly make a difference?

goSolve is a non-profit that provides an interactive, collaborative platform for problem-solvers worldwide. We display a variety of topics, and overview of a topic, an in-depth breakdown of the topic, as well as an outline of specific goals we're focused on reaching. These goals are defined through a collaborative voting process. Essentially a voting system to define which subproblem to prioritize.

Within each subproblem, additional details are shared and voted upon. The community can provide information about federal government, local government, non-profits, and corporations that are involved in these specific problem areas.Conversations and delegation can begin through the collaborative effort of many motivated individuals. Some may only have the time and ability to provide a link to a tool that may be helpful, while others may be able to provide advanced translation services for pages and professional information.

More information coming soon.

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